10 of the Best Wallace Stevens Poems Everyone Should Read

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The best poems by Wallace Stevens

The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry when it was published in 1955. Stevens’s poetry continues to be popular, but where should the relative novice, the reader yet to discover the joys of this great twentieth-century modernist poet, begin? This post is designed as an introduction to ten of Wallace Stevens’s greatest poems.

The Emperor of Ice-Cream’. ‘The Emperor of Ice-Cream’ may well qualify for the accolade of ‘most baffling poem of the entire twentieth century’. Who, or what, is the Emperor of Ice-Cream? Click on the poem’s title above to read the poem, and – if you’re curious to learn more about the identity of this mysterious emperor, you can read our analysis below the poem.

The Snow Man’. ‘The Snow Man’ is about a rejection of the Romantic impulse to project your own…

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